Network design and implimentation

The Network infrastructure in your company is key to reliable effective and fast data communication. Weather its a simple Cat5 Wired network or a full hybrid fibre/wired/wireless site wide solution, Net-gen have the experience and expertise to take you through the process of specifying, designing and implementing your network infrastructure requirements.

We are able to work on existing network infrastructures, faultfinding, identifying bandwidth bottlenecks, speed restrictions and security concerns.


We discuss and review your current and future network infrastructure requirements to ensure the chosen solution is suitable, cost efficient and importantly will have longevity. We survey your site for suitable and agreed installation methodologies and analyse potential Wireless installation coverage and suitability.


With a wide range of experience Net -Gen are able to work virtually any environment to design and install your specified network infrastructure. Our engineers take time to minimise impact during the installation phase and continually discuss with clients the project progress.


All our cable installations are fully tested for compliance with Cat 5, 5E or 6 standards. Our wireless installations are surveyed for correct saturation and signal distribution. We define suitable channel allocation and work to ensure IEEE 802.11 compatibly (in line with client requirements):



We remain on site to assist with any required hook-up or wireless network connection


Our owners log is presented at the end of the commissioning and test phase and fully details the installation. It includes any rack-to-outlet labeling regime. Access point and router line identification, PoE outlet specification and coverage areas for wireless AP.


All our cable networks infrastructure comes with a 5 year warrantee. Our switches, routers and wireless equipment (if provided by us) comes with a minimum 1 year supplier warrantee.


The very best Network infrastructure is one that is transparent to the user. It is secure, quick, flexible and assists your company in maximizing its IT potential.



TELECOMS (Telephones, Fax, VOIP)

All businesses still require fixed phone lines (even if its just to provision broadband). Modern infrastructures adds a layer of flexibility to the cabling of a building so that conventional 'network' outlets can easily be used to distribute telephone lines around a building or office. These lines can be configured for conventional BT Phones using the adaptors shown below, or for direct connection to VOIP phones.

RJ45 : The Benchmark


The RJ45 network connection has standardised interconnection on a worldwide basis More correctly called the IEC 60603-7 8P8C modular connector this standard plug/socket is now a default on almost every network connectable IT device.

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Hybrid Infrastructure: The way forward?

In most businesses a combination of conventional wired (Cat5E/6) and wireless technologies provides the most flexible and simplest infrastructure backbone. This allows fixed workstations a hard wired uncondoned link to the company's data and the outside world. It also facilitates the use of Laptops / tablets / mobile phones etc.. within the premisses.